I'm using ConTeXt Standalone 2011.09.27 20:05.

\SlideTitle{The first slide}
Hello, world.
\SlideTitle{The second slide}
Greetings, world.

! Undefined control sequence.

system          > tex > error on line 5 in file slides.ctx: Undefined
control sequence ...

1     \usemodule[simpleslides][style=Shaded]
2     \starttext
3     \SlideTitle{The first slide}
4     Hello, world.
5 >>  \SlideTitle{The second slide}
6     Greetings, world.
7     \stoptext

<argument> \@@MPG \simpleslidescounter

\executeifdefined #1->\ifcsname #1
                                  \endcsname \csname #1\expandafter \expanda...
\includeMPgraphic ...\executeifdefined {\@@MPG #1}
<argument> ...udeMPgraphic {\simpleslidescounter }
                                                   ; fi StopPage ;
\processMPgraphic ...ntMPgraphicformat ", \!!bs #1
                                                  ;\!!es , \!!bs \currentMPi...
\handleuseMPgraphic ...hics \processMPgraphic {#3}
l.5 \SlideTitle{The second slide}

Changing the style to "Swoosh" throws a different error message
("Undefined x coordinate has been replaced by 0.", apparently by
Metapost). Presentations consisting of a single slide are processed
without errors; from my cursory glance at the code, the problem lies
either with the setups or with the slide counter.

~~ Ondra
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