For a book of fairy tales, I used (working!):

{\color[red]} {Serif} {2.5\baselineskip} {3pt} {2\baselineskip} {3}}

\Initial Once upon a time... \input tufte

But that gives now:

<to be read again>
\\->\ifhmode \unskip
\prewordbreak \crlfplaceholder \ifcase \raggedstatus \h...
\somefontsize ->2.5\\
\lowleveldefinefont ...aledfontsize \somefontsize
\or \scaledfontsize \local...
\dododefinefont ...inefont {#2}\rawfontidentifier
\csname \rawfontidentifier...
\dodefinedfont ...nedfont][#1]\fi \thedefinedfont
\the \everydefinedfont
l.7 \Initial O
              nce upon a time... \input tufte

It works, if I use absolute values for font size and vertical offset, like

{\color[red]} {Serif} {36pt} {3pt} {28pt} {3}}

I also tried \setupinitial / \placeinitial like below; I got my defined font, but only ever in base font size.

\setupinitial[font=WieynkInitialen,n=3,state=start,command=\Initial] %

I also tried \NiceDroppedCaps and \LineDroppedCaps that I found in the sources, but didn’t get further.

So, what’s the preferred way to get dropped capitals / initials?
I’d like to wikify that, since it seems nowhere documented.

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