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On 13-12-2011 13:08, Henning Hraban Ramm wrote:
For a book of fairy tales, I used (working!):
 > ...
So, what’s the preferred way to get dropped capitals / initials?
I’d like to wikify that, since it seems nowhere documented.

Initials have been rewritten (they also no longer pick up an argument which is more robust). The old macros will probably be removed (or end up in a module).

\setupinitial[font=Bold at 48pt,state=start]


     \placeinitial \input tufte

     \placeinitial \input ward


Hmm, I did not realize that dropped caps were still supported in MkIV base so I've been using


which also lets you set not only dropped caps but the next couple of words or so in another font -- such as small caps.

Hans: Does the \setupinitial also allow to set the words immediately after in \sc etc?

Henning: Maybe you can try lettrines as well and compare them, see which works best for what you're trying to do ... Here is a sample for you to play with

\def \LettrineStyle{\definefontsynonym[LettrineFont][Italic]}
\setuplettrine [A][Lines=2,Findent=0.2em,Nindent=0.01em,FontHook={\LettrineStyle}] \setuplettrine [T][Lines=2,Findent=0.35em,Nindent=0.01em,FontHook={\LettrineStyle},Hang=.25] \setuplettrine [I][Lines=2,Findent=0.3em,Nindent=0.01em,FontHook={\LettrineStyle},Hang=.25] \setuplettrine [O][Lines=2,Findent=0.2em,Nindent=0.01em,FontHook={\LettrineStyle}] \setuplettrine [C][Lines=2,Findent=0.3em,Nindent=0.01em,FontHook={\LettrineStyle}] \setuplettrine [W][Lines=2,Findent=0.3em,Nindent=0.01em,FontHook={\LettrineStyle},Hang=.34]

\lettrine{A}{fter the three} \input ward

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