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> Metapost now runs as a library. All the text is first typeset by ConTeXt 
> and metapost only knows the bounding box of the labels.
> You can try (untested):
> \starttext
> This is serif
> \switchtobodyfont[sans]
> \startMPcode
> draw textext("This should be sans");
> \stopMPcode
> \stoptext

This works, of course. However it continues with sans font even
after \stopMPcode. This is better (but clumsy):

draw textext("This should be sans");
Here serif again.

The text in Metapost adapts to the text set in ConTeXt. But the font
setup should *only* be set for MetaPost, not regular text.

Does that mean, that MPenvironment is deprecated and does not work
at all?


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