On Thu, May 3, 2012 at 3:13 AM, Marco wrote:
> The text in Metapost adapts to the text set in ConTeXt. But the font
> setup should *only* be set for MetaPost, not regular text.
> Does that mean, that MPenvironment is deprecated and does not work
> at all?

Please don't rely on my answer since I haven't been following the
development as closely as I used to in past.

But my guess is that the argument goes into the opposite way. I past
(and still in MKII) one *had to* set up fonts twice - once for the
main document and once for MetaPost since MetaPost did its own
processing of labels and MetaPost didn't see the ConTeXt font setups.
So it was "difficult" to convince MetaPost to use the same font.

Now (as Aditya explained) metapost automatically inherits font setups
from the main document and it might be that nobody ever thought of /
requested / needed to have a special setup for using different font
for MetaPost labels.

I can think of many workarounds to this, but I agree that there is a
valid reason why
(or some other command) should be able to change the font inside
metapost labels only.

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