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But my guess is that the  argument goes into the opposite way. I
past (and still in MKII) one *had  to* set up fonts twice - once
for the main  document and once for MetaPost  since MetaPost did
its own processing of labels and MetaPost didn't see the ConTeXt
font setups. So  it was "difficult" to convince  MetaPost to use
the same font.

I agree, it's  a big step forward towards  usability and consistency
to have  MetaPost automatically inherit ConTeXts  settings. However,
it went out-of-control now.

well, you still get text and not something random, so out-of-control is a bit too strong

anyhow, we can do


\def\MPLIBsettext#1% #2%
     \settrue\MPLIBtextgetdone % no \global needed




    draw textext("\ss Sans") ;



    draw textext("Sans") ;



A better alternative would to define


that can be used to set the style for metapost text.

this is ok for me, but then we mighe as well drop \startMPenviroment (and someone has to wikify that then)


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