Hi all,

I'm testing some math fonts with ConTeXt in the current TeXLive
pretest (2012.05.25 18:21). I'm not sure which are supposed to work
with MKIV, but I found typescripts for the following ones in
type-imp-*.mkiv which are also included in TeXLive:

* Latin Modern
* Euler
* Asana
* Palatino (px)
* Times (tx)
* Utopia (mathdesign)
* Charter (mathdesign)
* Garamond (mathdesign)
* Antykwa Torunska
* Iwona
* Kurier
* Xits

Compiling the example in the attachment I found than Euler and all
Mathdesign derivatives are not working.

Does anyone know if Millenial will be supported by TeXLive 2012? Also
MKII supported Fourier (for Utopia and Schoolbook). What is the status
of this font in MKIV?


P.S. Euler is working in the 2012.05.26 16:40 Standalone version.

Attachment: fonts.tex
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