On Sun, May 27, 2012 at 5:14 PM, Tim Steenvoorden wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm testing some math fonts with ConTeXt in the current TeXLive
> pretest (2012.05.25 18:21). I'm not sure which are supposed to work
> with MKIV, but I found typescripts for the following ones in
> type-imp-*.mkiv which are also included in TeXLive:
> * Latin Modern
> * Euler
> * Asana
> * Palatino (px)
> * Times (tx)
> * Utopia (mathdesign)
> * Charter (mathdesign)
> * Garamond (mathdesign)
> * Antykwa Torunska
> * Iwona
> * Kurier
> * Xits
> Compiling the example in the attachment I found than Euler and all
> Mathdesign derivatives are not working.

Not working in what sense? That you don't get the font or that you
requested or that you get wrong output? (I never tried to use
Mathdesign in ConTeXt, I actually didn't notice that it was even

> Does anyone know if Millenial will be supported by TeXLive 2012?

I don't find the font on CTAN. I guess that would be the main requirement.

> Also
> MKII supported Fourier (for Utopia and Schoolbook). What is the status
> of this font in MKIV?

I leave that question to others.

> P.S. Euler is working in the 2012.05.26 16:40 Standalone version.

The version of ConTeXt in TeX Live is almost the same as in minimals
(ok, I didn't check in the version from 26th because I was away for
the weekend, if the difference is actually in that version), but I
somehow suspect that the font (euler.otf) is missing on CTAN and in
TeX Live. Something for Khaled to answer. The font is also being used
in Maps and ConTeXt Proceedings, so it would actually be very nice if
the font was present in TL. (I find it strange enough that I didn't
notice that when playing with ConTeXt Proceedings, but it may be that
I was simply using the ConTeXt Distribution or failed to realize that
I got the wrong font.)

Thank you very much for spotting these.

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