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I tried to generate an epub document using ConTeXt following the recipe on the wiki. Didn't work. So, I tried running the export-example.tex file that comes with the distribution, unmodified. Same bad results.

   Cover is not generated
TOC is not generated (though it is noted this might be the state of the export)
   Sectioning doesn't happen.
   Paragraphing doesn't happen.
   The resultant epub file cannot even be opened with FBReader.

Importing the epub into Sigil shows one big blob of text, with only the between word spacing that's present in the source file. The \quotation{} markup did get turned into quotation marks, chapter numbers were generated and the rest of the markup was stripped out.

Same behavior with both the TeXLive 2012 version of ConTeXt and a quite recent beta.

What am I doing wrong?

Have you considered using pandoc to generate epub?

If your text is relatively simple (no multiline math, no fancy image scaling, no complicated tables, etc.), then Markdown is a reasonable input format. You can use pandoc to translate the text to multiple output formats (including ConTeXt).

In general, I have found pandoc's XHTML export to be more predictable than that of ConTeXt. I have used pandoc's epub export only for short articles, but from what I remember, it does handle cover images and toc correctly.

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