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> Hi Luigi,
> As I said, this example does not produce a PDF file for me.  I will attach
> the output.
> Undefined control sequence ...
> ...and it points to \showfontkerns
> In previous attempts to load a font file directly, I used a command
> structures something like
>      [file:FreeSerif.otf*default],
> but these never worked for me either,
> and you seem to be using some other method.
> How should one load the file for this example?
> You didn't answer the question: to investigate this behaviour, must I
> install a second, newer version of context, or can I use the disro version?
> What is the reason for installing the latest version of ConTeXt?  Is this
> \showfontkerns only in versions newer than 2012.05.30 11:26 MKIV ?

1) install a new version ,as I said in my prev. email under "Quick how-to"

2) save this
%% test.tex
into test.tex, and then see the last lines of "Quick how-to"

> This \showfontkerns may be interesting to me, generally.  (So I have a
> further incentive to get this going!)
there are many other details to discover

If your question is of interest to others as well, please add an entry to the 

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