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Hi Hans,

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    On 11/30/2012 4:30 PM, luigi scarso wrote:

            What is the reason for installing the latest version of
            ConTeXt?  Is this
            \showfontkerns only in versions newer than 2012.05.30 11:26
            MKIV ?

    in that version it was an add-on module, but in the meantime it's in
    the core

That would explain part of my problems.

If possible, I would like to get the distro version working, before
moving to the latest version.

Is this add-on module in some Debian package, or must one install it by
If the latter, what would be involved?

I think it was part of a set of modules we used for testing (some ended up in the distribution, some didn't) so i fear that you need a recent context; handy anyway, as things might have been improved and I wonder if there are many context users using an old version, given that luatex / mkiv / mplib / gyre fonts are progressing.

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