Thanks for all replies Hans, Steve, Bill and Luigi.

Sorry for the confusion generated by my questions. I'll try to summarize
the whole thing as brief as I can.

I happen to have an Sony PRS-T1 reader in which I noticed that the
FreeSerif fonts where wrong kerned. I thought it might be something
wrong in the fonts and I used ConTeXt to check that.

Until this morning I asked whether TrueType kerning was enabled when all
OpenType features were disabled, I took for granted that that old
TrueType kerning was enabled when the modern OpenType kerning wasn't.

Now I know I was wrong. But I reported a bug at and posted the PDF output
from ConTeXt.

ConTeXt is perfectly fine with FreeSerif, FreeSerif has valid kerning
and the problem is in the Sony PRS-T1 reader that cannot read the
kerning and ligature information.

I have even discovered that the Sony PRS-T1 ereader has a bug that
prevents the display of the FreeSerif bold font.

So, I knew that the ereader had some limitations, but I couldn't imagine
it was so buggy.

The annoying issue here is that reporting the bug may fix the issue and
Adobe might release a new version of the reader. But unless Sony
releases a new firmware, those bugs are there to stay.

Many thanks for your help and apologies for the confusion,

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