On 2013-11-17 Jan Tosovsky wrote:
> I am trying to fix a Palatino small caps issue using the procedure
> explained here:
> http://wiki.contextgarden.net/Palatino_Linotype_under_MKIV
> That fix seems to be obsolete nowadays and returning errors.

almost fixed now using this procedure:

1) Create a new LFG file

local fix_pala = {
   comment = "Switching i.sc glyphs indexes",
   fixes = function(data)
      local descriptions = data.descriptions
      descriptions[983201].index = 1170
      descriptions[983261].index = 1110

return {
   name = "pala",
   comment = "Switching the small capped 'i' to a dotless variant in
Palatino Linotype.",
   treatments = {
      ["pala.ttf"]   = fix_pala,
      ["palai.ttf"]  = fix_pala,
      ["palab.ttf"]  = fix_pala,
      ["palabi.ttf"] = fix_pala,      

2) Place it into the folder where other LFG files are stored

3) Execute 'mtxrun --generate' command to include newly added LFG file
into a file database

4) Specify a new font feature referencing to this goodie in the source file:

{Athenians \smallcaps{Athenians}}\par
{Athenians \sc{Athenians}}\par
{\it Athenians \smallcaps{Athenians}}\par
{\bf Athenians \smallcaps{Athenians}}\par
{\bi Athenians \smallcaps{Athenians}}\par

5) Trigger the generating

It works except the regular font style. In this case \smallcaps option
behaves differently than for e.g. \it or \bf styles. I am quite confused.
Moreover, when faked caps are switched on using \sc, it works. Can anybody
explain what is happening here?

Thanks, Jan

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