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Thanks for your encouragement ! Yes that looks like an interesting
challenge for me, but it is not something I am wanting to do alone
because of my lack of experience, at least I would need someone to coach
me. Actually I don't have really experience with web developpment and I
would at least need help for the technological choices. Having someone
that tells me that if I use technology X, there are module Y and Z that
will be a good fit is a good start.

Just two small remarks:

1. there are not that many modules in ConTeXt because most of the functionality is in the core. If you come from the LaTeX world, you may expect several hundred packages, each with their own idiosyncracies and documentation. That's not the case here.

2. As for your documentation project, let me be honest: unless someone very dedicated and very knowledgeable makes a long-term commitment and looks after these examples, they are worse than useless. Unless there is very tight control, they may contain bad and/or outdated code and lead newcomers in the wrong direction. The context way has always been to avoid boilerplate templates and let users roll their own styles. Which makes sense since in context almost every detail can be changed easily via dedicated setup commands. (This is again quite unlike LaTeX and its document classes that predefine many details.) I have problems imagining a collection of sample documents that will be more than a haphazard bunch of fortuitous designs.

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