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> Dear Contex’ers,
> This morning I have been experimenting with the solutions suggested by
> Thomas and Wolfgang.
> Thomas’ solution works, it produces two distinct letters, yet the
> address is probably on another layer. This means that it is not shifted
> to the right, at least not with the command
> (\setupletterlayer[address]), so that it will be visible through the
> envelope window.
> With Wolfgang’s solution the address is moved to its desired place, and
> the letter text is printed as well.
> However, inserting a text (by means of \input) is problematic (see pdf),
> with or without \relax.

Hi Robert,

it isn’t the use of \input. The problem is that you only get one level
of expansion.

If you add \input directly to letter:section:content, such as in:

    \input knuth \relax

You will have \input expanded. But in the text itself \TeX\ and
large||scale won’t be expanded.

I have no idea why this happens. And I don’t know how to fix it. Maybe
Wolfgang knows what is happening here.

If I had to guess, it might be that \directsetups only allows a level of
expansion. But I may be plainly wrong.

A way to avoid the issue is to add the letter content directly to the
\startsetups[letter:section:context]. And rememmber that you have only
one level of expansion.

Just in case it might help,

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