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> While understanding what it means, I guess this might imply that it is 
> difficult (?) or impossible (?) to correctly process files such as the knuth 
> text and for that matter any other letter text that contains regular Context 
> commands.
> Nevertheless, for the moment this problem remains unsolved.
> What would you advise as the next step?
> Should the letter be somehow set-up outside xml setups rather than inside?
> Should the letter texts (and a specific knuth sample text) be reformatted as 
> xml?

So: you want to import the letter texts from an external file. Easiest 
solution: instead of simply \input knuth, try this:

 \catcodetable\ctxcatcodes\input knuth

As you can see, changing the catcode regime processes the file correctly. 
“Expansion” means something different in TeX speak.

Other possibilities: write your letter body in xml, or write the letters in 
buffers and use \processTEXbuffer.

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