On 12/21/2017 05:04 PM, Christoph Reller wrote:
> Dear Pablo,
> At least for XML you could use my module highlight-xml:
> \usemodule[highlight-xml]
> \definetype[xml][option=xml]
> [...]
> Note that even partial XML is highlighted correctly.
Dear Christoph,

many thanks for your reply.

Your module is really great fine. It supports both \setuptype and
\setuptyping options.

It is really a pity that it lacks TeX, since I’m focused on ConTeXt yet
(after all, it would be a Spanish introduction to ConTeXt ;-)). XML will
come later.

I’m afraid that XML comments are colored the same way with your module
and with standard ConTeXt.

Comment marks in are colored as standard tags, I’m afraid. I mean,
"<!--" and "-->" are colored in blue as "<p>".

To show a comment as a whole, setting up both comment text and marks in
a single and unique color is required.

This is why I thought that SnippetCommentMark and SnippetCommentText
would be a fine way to typeset full comments.

Sorry for insisting. It isn’t perfectionism. My friends and family
members aren’t computer scientists. I have to explain what a comment is
from the very beginning. If colors are misleading, they are lost.

This is why I have to solve this before resuming text composition.

It would be great that you also offered a highlight-tex (with
SnippetCommentText and SnippetCommentMark). Or to ease the module
loading, it would be useful to have a context-highlight (or similar name).

If your implementation could be latter added (if Hans agrees) to the
ConTeXt core.

Many thanks for your help,

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