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On 12/21/2017 10:53 PM, Aditya Mahajan wrote:
Can you post a minimal working example. I don't use XML so it is difficult for me to understand how these commands are used in practice.


many thanks for your reply and your help.

A minimal sample would be:

 <code><a class="sourceLine" id="cb1-1" data-line-number="1">
 <span class="kw">&lt;p&gt;</span>a<span class="kw">&lt;/p&gt;</span>
 <span class="co">&lt;!--comment--&gt;</span></a></code>

 \startxmlsetups xml:initialize


 \startxmlsetups xml:doc

 \startxmlsetups xml:p

 \startxmlsetups xml:code


But if this is too tricky to you, maybe it isn’t a good idea to extend
the module to XML usage.

There are (at least) two reasons for that:

- I’m the only user who asked for this (too much trouble for a single user).

- Easier alternatives would be to improve the ConTeXt core or the
context-highlight module.

It isn't too difficult to support this. See attached file.

This will clutter your PWD with temp files. To avoid that, create a subdirectory called "output" and set


Then all the temp files will be stored in the directory "output".

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