I have two different questions revolving around this.

-          Is anyone using NetApp CIFS and seeing entire folders worth of
data disappear mysteriously, including all snapshots?

-          Whether using NetApp or not, has anyone seen users’ home folders
disappear, or at least the contents of them?

We have had several of these over the past year or so. I currently have a
case where the user received a new computer on 10/13 and the home drive
data, which lives on NetApp CIFS, was missing at that point. That’s not too
surprising, but when I went to recover from a snapshot, the snapshots were
also empty going all the way back to the oldest one on 9/17. The user
swears he had accessed the data after 9/17 from his old computer.

To me the most likely scenario is that the user had Offline Files enabled
(not a standard here) and was only using the cached version of the data.
But that would mean that somehow the cached files became orphaned (for some
reason) before the data was deleted from the NAS. This seems kind of
unlikely, but who knows? I can’t imagine that the CIFS server decided to
delete the user’s data and all of the snapshots right at the same time he
got the new machine. That’s even more unlikely it would seem.

If anyone has any other theories or similar experience, I would be grateful
to hear about it.

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