The paper "On the Impact of Packet Spraying in Data Center Networks" (*) shows 
impact of packet spraying with TCP and seems to show good results without the 
sequence number proposed in the Internet Draft.  Can the authors comment on 
that paper or on the need for the sequence number and group flow identifier, 
proposed in your I-D?

How would packet spraying impact or interwork with MPTCP, multipath QUIC, or 
multipath SCTP?

Section 5.3 ("TCP/UDP over Geneve") describes an optimization that avoids 
sending the inner IP header.  That optimization is not specific to packet 
spraying.  The optimization needs to be negotiated between the Geneve endpoints 
or configured using an SDN controller, which is not mentioned in Section 5.3.  
Section 5.3 should be a separate I-D.

(*) "On the Impact of Packet Spraying in Data Center Networks", Advait Dixit, 
Pawan Prakash, Y. Charlie Hu, and Ramana Rao Kompella,, 


> On Mar 2, 2018, at 3:28 PM, Yuxiang (Yolanda) <> wrote:
> Hi all,
> We have submit a new draft about packet spraying in Geneve Overlay Network.
> Really appreciate your comments and suggestions.
> B.R.
> Yolanda Yu
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> Name:              draft-xiang-nvo3-geneve-packet-spray
> Revision: 00
> Title:                 Packet Spraying in Geneve Overlay Network
> Document date:      2018-03-01
> Group:              Individual Submission
> Pages:              10
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> Abstract:
>    Congestion is the killer of low latency and high throughput. Network
>    congestion occurs on the interconnection links of a data center due
>    to poor traffic distribution. Load balancing technologies are used to
>    solve network congestion. Packet spraying is a kind of load balancing
>    technology with finer granularity. This document describes a packet
>    spraying protocol in the Geneve encapsulation network[1] using a
>    newly defined Geneve Option field.
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