On 2016-09-19 17:34, mdue...@apache.org wrote:
Author: mduerig
Date: Mon Sep 19 15:34:25 2016
New Revision: 1761467

URL: http://svn.apache.org/viewvc?rev=1761467&view=rev
OAK-4823: Upgrade Oak Segment Tar dependency to 0.0.12
Bumping dependency to 0.0.12


Modified: jackrabbit/oak/trunk/oak-parent/pom.xml
--- jackrabbit/oak/trunk/oak-parent/pom.xml (original)
+++ jackrabbit/oak/trunk/oak-parent/pom.xml Mon Sep 19 15:34:25 2016
@@ -74,7 +74,7 @@
    <!-- whether skip the surefire unit testing during the integration testing.
       Override with -Dsurefire.skip.ut=true when needed -->
-    <segment.tar.version>0.0.10</segment.tar.version>
+    <segment.tar.version>0.0.12</segment.tar.version>


This leads to test regressions on Windows in oak-upgrade, as, apparently, not all files are closed as they used to.

I will revert this change to unblock my own testing (and mention it on JIRA once it's up again).

Best regards, Julian

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