On 2016-09-21 10:30, Tomek Rekawek wrote:

FWIW, I merged OAK-4831, so now the upgrade tests won’t break even if they 
can’t cleanup the repository directory at the end. The directories are now 
created under ./target (so it’s easy to remove them manually) and the logs will 
contain exact reason of the failure (in this case the dataXXX.tar file is being 
used by another process).

So, the segment-tar can be safely updated to 0.0.12. Of course the reason why 
the new version doesn’t release the file handle on Windows is still worth 


Well, probably it doesn't release the file handle on other systems, either. It's just that Windows then won't delete the file.

This sounds like a significant problem to me; does it have a JIRA issue yet?

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