I think the core of the problem is that the memory node store doesn't always behave properly when initialised with something else than a MemoryNodeState. Consider:

NodeState base = new AlienNodeState();
NodeStore store = new MemoryNodeStore(base);
NodeBuilder builder = store.getRoot().builder();
store.merge(builder, EmptyHook.INSTANCE, CommitInfo.EMPTY);

The merge call will throw an IAE if base.builder() does return a builder instance that doesn't inherit from MemoryNodeBuilder.

To this respect I think your fix is basically correct, it should just be applied deeper down. Instead of wrapping the base states before passing them to the MemoryNodeStore constructor, I think that constructor should do the wrapping in case the passed base state is of a different type.


On 22.9.16 2:49 , Tomek Rekawek wrote:

I’ve looked into this issue. I think it’s caused by the fact that the squeeze() 
method sometimes doesn’t wrap the passed node state with MemoryNodeStates, but 
return it as-is. I tried to wrap the state unconditionally in the initializers 
and it fixed the issue.

Michael, Robert - do you think [1] is an acceptable solution? If so, I’ll 
create a proper JIRA and merge the code.


[1] https://github.com/trekawek/jackrabbit-oak/commit/cf3d73

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