Denis Kenzior ha scritto:
Actually a reference UI for oFono is something we're still lacking. We've all been too busy adding core features. This is something we want to fix...
I know, following the list I imagine you're very busy. Maybe I can send you my code (after finishing and cleaning up) if you want a simple C test program...
I have just one question: I noticed the Calypso modem registers on the
network quite slowly (about 1,5-2 mins after powering up) is this
normal? Can we help you in testing/patching the code to achieve faster
times (normal phones usually register in seconds).

This might have been related to automatic operator scanning. Freerunner is especially slow on this operation. The API was changed recently to disable this. Can you test git HEAD to see if this still happens?

Do I have to take the git code or these features are already in the current 0.10 version?
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