You can use the Phoronix forums in relation to the article.Also, the OI wiki 
provides a way to report on our own 'test analysis' on compatible OI-related 
Phoronix is just another independent test and review website. Anyone can report 
and test on what 'works for them' to 
challenge what is said there or anywhere else.
You can simulate in VMware or virtual clouds, so having esoteric and exotic 
physical hardware on hand/in-house is not a requirement.

    On Monday, July 31, 2017 11:45 AM, Aurélien Larcher 
<> wrote:


It needs 3 things - hardware, engineer and time. AFAIK right now there are 2 
companies behind illumos who have more direct relations with hardware - Joyent 
and Nexenta and those companies are still most likely interested about the 
server class hardware.
Anything else is really about the community - if anyone has such hardware and 
is willing to help with diagnostics and testing, then we can do something, 

I do not know if we could better communicate how to report such issues ...

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