Wow, that was a good one *lol*
First you need ATI-KMS to get the modern KMS-only ddx working.
While FreeBSD uses a very special method trick to get it working, don't expect 
*me* to ever in my life waste my time for OI and then someone steals it and 
distributes it under his name and gets the credits.

People asking such basic questions - that made my day.

>Пятница, 15 сентября 2017, 20:56 +02:00 от Gary Mills <>:
>What is required to integrate the ATI video driver with OI?
>I notice that the ATI video driver is present in Freebsd.  It comes
>from, and supports a long list of AMD/ATI/Radeon GPUs.  The
>Freebsd package is called `xf86-video-ati'.  It provides two shared
>libraries, and, that are loaded by the X
>Could we do the same thing with the X server in OI?  What do we need
>to change?
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