Hi Aurélien,

how often shall I explain and repeat it to you?
Here again: https://openindiana.org/pipermail/oi-dev/2017-September/005650.html

>Воскресенье, 17 сентября 2017, 0:45 +02:00 от Aurélien Larcher 
>Unfortunately newer versions require KMS support which requires actual kernel 
>work at:

There my STOLEN and further improved work is located.
Unfortunately without my CDDL license headers!

This is a LICENSE BREACH and may be prosecuted at some moment when I have less 
work and enough time.

>but also in illumos-gate itself.
>Ideally if someone decided to work on it the code would reside under the 
>radeon directory here:

That's a good one.
It is as if I tell my wife: Yeahh, I found a solution!!!! I made some room for 
one Billion USD in the basement.
Now we are finally ready to receive it, just in case anybody decides to sendf 
us 1 Billion USD.

I recommend you to read my messages.
Start with those from yesterday.

>There was a KMS radeon driver in Solaris but I am not sure if it is still 
>maintained and it certainly supported only the ATI cards provided with Sun HW.

Wrong guess.
KMS didn't exist at that time.
It was a DRM radeon driver mathing the first drm submodule that was in 
OpenSolaris - from the stone age.

Because it dates back to 2006/2007 when it was ported over by the Sun Beijing 
I myself ported that to SPARC in 2007.
So I - on contrast to most others - do know the code.

Hopeless to explain it to you. I did already, 200 times  ...

Kind regards,
%martin bochnig

>Kind regards
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