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>On 09/16/17 03:44 PM, Aurélien Larcher wrote:
>> There was a KMS radeon driver in Solaris but I am not sure if it is still 
>> maintained and it certainly supported only the ATI cards provided with Sun 
>> HW.
>It predated KMS and was dropped in the switch to KMS instead of updating it.
>(It actually supported the ATI chipsets in the Acer Ferrari laptops popular
>  with Sun developers at the time, but not anything you'd have found on the
>  market in the past 5+ years.)

Hi Alan,

you name it, tnx! Also: Garry, yep, that's correct.
Well, I can write stuff 200 times and people still will not manage to put the 
pieces together.

Martin Bochnig wrote Aug 9, '16 (1 year 1 month ago)
Sorry, still didn't have time to write up release notes.
But here now the same diffs and bins that really want out for more than a month 
now  ;)
Brings you accellerated gfx and compiz on Intel 8xx, 9xx (as before) but now 
plus Sandy, Ivy, Haswell (and in theory some older Valleyview) and finally lets 
you load modern userland Xorg ddx's which are kms-only since rev 2.9 (2010). 
p.s. I kept the legacy radeon driver inside my local Illumos gate and for it 
the obsolete drm module had to survive/co-exist, too. That's why Illumos's 
Makefiles forced me to prefix the files with redundant names in old drm vs. new 
kms (renaming the folders wasn't sufficient). Just to explain to you: Didn't do 
that to cosmetically make the diff look larger ;)
I also bought me legacy radeon testing hardware and for the first time in 
overall-OpenSolaris history assigned more than a single pciid to it (Sun 
dropped that single one in 2009, too unstable).
We must decide later if we get the legacy OpenSolaris radeon drm kernel driver 
to function or otherwise remove it until either Oracle published more modern 
KMS port sources, or until I'm at the point to make FreeBSD's linuxkp work on 
OpenSolaris via lx zones https://wiki.freebsd.org/Use%20linuxkpi%20in%20DRM .
Will explain the full story in long ReleaseNotes some day."""""

I even earlier posted the same here and sent it to 30 selected individuals at a 
time when I still couldn't post to illumos-devel (from summer 2013 till summer 
2016 and then again, with the totally undemocratic and ARBITRARY plus 
UNJUSTIFIED exception of about 2 "generous" weeks) after having been banned 
during that time, because they don't behave like a community, but like a 
politically biased totalitarian dictatorship regime). That's how this 
"community" thanks its long-term core contributors. Even though I didn't even 
mention the really brutal stuff (psycho-terror, licence-breach and CODE-THEFT.  
That sitz inside  http://opensxce.org/how2use_Sun-11.x_xhci_on_OpenSolaris/ and 
honestly, I try to forget it. But what this "community" has done not only to me 
but more so to itself never lets me forget it.

Aurelien belonged to the receipients, also Alan. Check your 2016 Inbox.


"""""While I removed the old legacy i915, I still kept the old legacy drm 
inside, for old legacy radeon.
This requited me to prefix all files, because the OS/Net Makefiles system uses 
wildcards (simply renaming the folder is not enough)."""""

I had intentionally imported old Radeon test hardware from overseas to find out 
if the old 2007 era radeon Non-KMS radeon drm module would still be worth 
And in lengthy tests that I performed it came out, what I recalled from the old 
times: In late 2007 / early 2008 Sun *themselves* disabled thesingle ever at 
some point "supported"  /etc/driver_aliases pciid for the radeon drm module, 
simply because it never really worked at all. Not even in Alpha quality.

I marked, commened on and hinted at that all the time, such as here in the 
Because at first I thought maybe the old drm should still be left intact for 
the legacy radeon module.
(drm is not a module as Aurelien claims, but a misc/drm *sub*module.
For this reason it has to closely match the corresponding other end.

After I really spent another month and hardware purchases in June 2016 and even 
passed all pciids that *should* have been compatible with the old legacy NonKMS 
radeon module, I finally decided to drop it from Illumos.
Just as the thifes also did under NO NAMES" in the CDDL headers!!!!!
But with his name GORDON ROSS in the illumos committs.

But before I made that decision, I even made the old and new drm live together, 
just in case the community would later decide to keep radeon in place:


Mind the very special Web-Archive links that I also provided in relation to the 
legacy radeon module:

+### Legacy Radeon pciids added for experimental testing
+### Although the old code should support them, most devices are untested.
+### And even if they all work, instabilities should be expected.
+### See :
+### https://blogs.oracle.com/erwann/entry/ati_support_for_compiz_easy
+### https://blogs.oracle.com/erwann/entry/compiz_integrated_in_opensolaris_2008
+    driver name=radeon perms="* 0644 root sys" \
+    alias=pci1002,4136 \
+    alias=pci1002,4137 \
+    alias=pci1002,4144 \
+    alias=pci1002,4145 \
+    alias=pci1002,4146 \
+    alias=pci1002,4147 \
+    alias=pci1002,4150 \
+    alias=pci1002,4151 \
+    alias=pci1002,4152 \
+    alias=pci1002,4153 \
+    alias=pci1002,4154 \
+    alias=pci1002,4156 \
+    alias=pci1002,4237 \
+    alias=pci1002,4242 \
+    alias=pci1002,4243 \
+    alias=pci1002,4336 \
+    alias=pci1002,4337 \
+    alias=pci1002,4437 \
+    alias=pci1002,4966 \
+    alias=pci1002,4967 \
+    alias=pci1002,4A49 \
+    alias=pci1002,4A4B \
+    alias=pci1002,4C57 \
+    alias=pci1002,4C58 \
+    alias=pci1002,4C59 \
+    alias=pci1002,4C5A \
+    alias=pci1002,4C64 \
+    alias=pci1002,4C66 \
+    alias=pci1002,4C67 \
+    alias=pci1002,4E44 \
+    alias=pci1002,4E45 \
+    alias=pci1002,4E46 \
+    alias=pci1002,4E47 \
+    alias=pci1002,4E48 \
+    alias=pci1002,4E49 \
+    alias=pci1002,4E4A \
+    alias=pci1002,4E4B \
+    alias=pci1002,4E50 \
+    alias=pci1002,4E51 \
+    alias=pci1002,4E54 \
+    alias=pci1002,4E56 \
+    alias=pci1002,5144 \
+    alias=pci1002,5145 \
+    alias=pci1002,5146 \
+    alias=pci1002,5147 \
+    alias=pci1002,5148 \
+    alias=pci1002,5149 \
+    alias=pci1002,514A \
+    alias=pci1002,514B \
+    alias=pci1002,514C \
+    alias=pci1002,514D \
+    alias=pci1002,514E \
+    alias=pci1002,514F \
+    alias=pci1002,5157 \
+    alias=pci1002,5158 \
+    alias=pci1002,5159 \
+    alias=pci1002,515A \
+    alias=pci1002,515E \
+    alias=pci1002,5168 \
+    alias=pci1002,5169 \
+    alias=pci1002,516A \
+    alias=pci1002,516B \
+    alias=pci1002,516C \
+    alias=pci1002,5460 \
+    alias=pci1002,554F \
+    alias=pci1002,5653 \
+    alias=pci1002,5834 \
+    alias=pci1002,5835 \
+    alias=pci1002,5836 \
+    alias=pci1002,5837 \
+    alias=pci1002,5960 \
+    alias=pci1002,5961 \
+    alias=pci1002,5962 \
+    alias=pci1002,5963 \
+    alias=pci1002,5964 \
+    alias=pci1002,5968 \
+    alias=pci1002,5969 \
+    alias=pci1002,596A \
+    alias=pci1002,596B \
+    alias=pci1002,5b60 \
+    alias=pci1002,5c61 \
+    alias=pci1002,5c62 \
+    alias=pci1002,5c63 \
+    alias=pci1002,5c64 \
+    alias=pci1002,5d4d
 file path=kernel/drv/$(ARCH64)/i915 group=sys
 file path=kernel/drv/$(ARCH64)/radeon group=sys
 file path=kernel/drv/i915 group=sys
 file path=kernel/drv/radeon group=sys
-file path=kernel/misc/$(ARCH64)/drm group=sys mode=0755
-file path=kernel/misc/drm group=sys mode=0755
+file path=kernel/kmdb/$(ARCH64)/i915 group=sys
+file path=kernel/kmdb/i915 group=sys
+file path=kernel/misc/$(ARCH64)/drm group=sys
+file path=kernel/misc/$(ARCH64)/kms group=sys
+file path=kernel/misc/drm group=sys
+file path=kernel/misc/kms group=sys
+file path=usr/lib/mdb/kvm/$(ARCH64)/i915.so group=sys
+file path=usr/lib/mdb/kvm/i915.so group=sys
 file path=usr/share/man/man7d/i915.7d
 file path=usr/share/man/man7d/radeon.7d
 legacy pkg=SUNWdrmr desc="Direct Rendering Manager kernel drivers and modules" 
@@ -81,3 +268,7 @@

And Aurelien as it appears neither read any of all my messages, not back then, 
not then when Illumos destroyed me and promised to never evern accept and code 
from me, and also not 2 weeks to 2 months later when Gordon Ross actively stole 
my Sol12 backport, fiddled a bit with it (admittedly improved some cosmetics) 
and then pushed it into Illumos upstream UNDER NO NAME, not even HIS (in the 
CDDL headers).

Is that the common practice?

For some single lines, especially the one that used to cause the kernel panic 
until I debugged it in a months long process with hundreds of reboots and my 
tracing hacks - well - that genius managed to find all these solutions in 
weeks, while he never couldn't provide any answer in all the 10 months before, 
when I repeatedly posted the status and my hope for advice questions to oi-dev 
from November 2015 on!

Must be a real genius.
But I know I  know, he didn't steal anything from me.
After illumos destroyed my like in the dark ages, he suddenl;y started to work 
on the same driver ""on his own"" and then got it all done in less than a month.
Oh, sure.

p.s. Here is all the proof. While Gordon Ross could never answer any single of 
all my requests for technical help in December 2015 alone, he was around there 
and posted unrelated stuff:
After months of hard daily UNPAID work, I found the single line that caused the 
most trouble: The instant kernel panics on Sol11.0 and Illumos (while they 
never happened with 100% identical testbins on 11.1, 11.2 nor 11.3!)
It was a whole bunch of work, even if only a backport from Oracle S12.
This thief then came and simply stole my work with some copy  && paste plus 
some shuffeling of lines and some function call cosmetics.


Mhh, gimme a break!

And almost nobody (with same quite careful and mild mini-exceptions) even 
attempted to defend me against this all.
Even those who come from the country that I as an East-German try to protect!


Congrats. You lost one of the last 100% committed genuine OpenSolaris 
Such "comminites" who act like that are making *themselves* irrelevant.
Problem solved.

How insane: The so called "free bird logo" needed to be removed from all my 
blogs within 24 hours.
It istn't "free" and also isn't governed by any open-software foundation, but 
is owned by a single individual who threatens somebody who had dedicated half 
of his life for his "community" to be PROSECUTED, if not removing the 
Illumos-bird within 24 hours.

As described somewhere in 
Of course I saved all messages on the ISP's server and took other footage as 
well. Screenshots, video footage etc.


%martin bochnig

Мартин Бохниг
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