While there aren't many who *could* do this, I see little benefit in why 
anybody *should* put a couple of years of his life into it.
Because that's what it would cost, the minimum price so to say.

Graphics drivers and the BSDs
Rather than following FreeBSD's approach to make FreeBSD act like a LinUX 
kernel to get this going, my personal choice for opensxce was and is to *move* 
to LinUX and to finally replace hardly maintained the legacy SunOS crap with a 
modern kernel, LinUX 4.x

Reminder: It is easier to make any kernel behave like LinUX, than to get the 
DRM/KMS drivers ported to another kernel other than LinUX.
But yeh, how those local expert wizards use to say cluelessly: "it's juuuuust 
code, and code can be made working".

What a bunch of fools over there at ill-u-mos(t).


p.s. Did you ever take the time to check out the FreeBSD kernel src, before 
asking such questions?


[In Progress] FreeBSD Compatibility Layer To Run Linux DRM Drivers

Once again: Special Gurus and bigots laughed about everybody who still runs 
Ill-u-mos(t) based distros on the desktop (x86_64). But often reality is even 
faster and funnier than such freaks: Because since ZFS runs natively on all 
major UNIX platforms including LinUX it is a matter of fact, that really nobody 
needs SunOS for anything anymore.

Thinking this to the end gives you wonderful driver support that you may not 
have dreamt of in 10 years.
After some minutes of a download and install at that.


Ubuntu 16.04 Root on ZFS
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>Пятница, 15 сентября 2017, 20:56 +02:00 от Gary Mills <gary_mi...@fastmail.fm>:
>What is required to integrate the ATI video driver with OI?
>I notice that the ATI video driver is present in Freebsd.  It comes
>from X.org, and supports a long list of AMD/ATI/Radeon GPUs.  The
>Freebsd package is called `xf86-video-ati'.  It provides two shared
>libraries, ati_drv.so and radeon_drv.so, that are loaded by the X
>Could we do the same thing with the X server in OI?  What do we need
>to change?
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