Hi folks

I just wanted to alert you to the fact that we are replacing the ORTE runtime 
environment in Open MPI with an external package called PRRTE ("PMIx Reference 
RunTime Environment"). We will be including a copy of that package in the OMPI 
v5 tarball, just as we do libevent, hwloc, and PMIx.

PRRTE historically has not been generating official releases - there is an old 
v1.0, but nothing on a regular release sequence. As part of this change in 
OMPI, the PRRTE folks will begin generating official releases that OMPI will 
use in their releases. So there will be correlation between the packages.

My question to you is: is this a package you would prefer to distribute 
separately (as you do for PMIx and friends), or shall we just leave it as an 
included package? PRRTE does get used by a fairly small community of people at 
the national labs and a couple of universities, but it by no means has as 
wide-ranging a following as OMPI.

Just need to know if we need to add a --with-prrte option to OMPI's configure 
code so one could point it at an external PRRTE installation.

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