Hi, There are a multiple levels of working state (onap up, onap+dcagegen2 
up, onap+vnfs, and onap+dcaegen2+vnfs+closedloop)

   OOM will deploy all of onap except DCAE via master on any type of environment
   OOM will allow for VNF orchestration with occasional bug workarounds in 
master/amsterdam only on openstack until SO/Multicloud brings in cloud-native 
VNF orchestration that is in the works.
   The amsterdam branch deploys DCAEGEN2 via OOM only on openstack.  It last 
worked for me before the openlab IP reset last week.
   I have not verified closed loop for 2 months.

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Sent: Monday, February 19, 2018 08:57
Subject: [onap-discuss] Working demo ?

Is there a working demo that could be used on a system deployed via OOM and 
master branch?

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