I’m not sure yet, but the DSL should generally be aligned with the TOSCA simple 
profile for NFV, at least as a starting point for aligning with whatever DSL 
variant ONAP requires. In the OPNFV Auto project we are working toward 
TOSCA-based VNFs that will be lifecycle-managed through ONAP (see 
https://wiki.opnfv.org/display/AUTO/Auto+Use+Cases, Resiliency Improvements 
through ONAP as example). So we will be developing blueprints in whatever DSL 
variant ONAP requires, and I will start with the simple ones below for smoke 
tests of the integrated ONAP+VIM platforms under test. If we can stay aligned 
in those developments across OPNFV and ONAP, we’ll each probably get there 

Bryan Sullivan | AT&T

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Subject: Re: [onap-discuss] Working demo ?

Thanks Brian,

it looked like Tacker descriptors, is that valid in ONAP ?


2018-02-19 17:15 GMT+01:00 SULLIVAN, BRYAN L (BRYAN L) 
Not real “VNFs”, but you can look at the Hello-World and 3Node examples from 
the Models repo, in 

The scripts that deploy these are in 
 But I think your main ask was for the TOSCA blueprints.

Bryan Sullivan | AT&T

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Subject: Re: [onap-discuss] Working demo ?

Hi Michael and thanks for the feedback.

What I primarily want to do is ONAP + TOSCA based VNF (simple VNF with 1 or two 
VMs and a virtual network)
My secondary wish would be to do the same but with a HEAT based VNF.

Are there any such examples anywhere? The examples I have found are typically 
far more complex and trying to follow the descriptions juts leads to failure.


2018-02-19 16:45 GMT+01:00 Michael O'Brien 
   Hi, There are a multiple levels of working state (onap up, onap+dcagegen2 
up, onap+vnfs, and onap+dcaegen2+vnfs+closedloop)

   OOM will deploy all of onap except DCAE via master on any type of environment
   OOM will allow for VNF orchestration with occasional bug workarounds in 
master/amsterdam only on openstack until SO/Multicloud brings in cloud-native 
VNF orchestration that is in the works.
   The amsterdam branch deploys DCAEGEN2 via OOM only on openstack.  It last 
worked for me before the openlab IP reset last week.
   I have not verified closed loop for 2 months.

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Subject: [onap-discuss] Working demo ?

Is there a working demo that could be used on a system deployed via OOM and 
master branch?

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