Rick McGuire wrote:
> Um, no....and I have no idea where any of these words came from.
> There is no such concept as a defineable/settable context environment.
>  So it that sense, yes this is true.  It is also pure giberish.  I
> have no idea what you think you're trying to do here. but you
> obviously don't understand what's going on as well as you seem to
> think you do.
Please stop insulting!


For the benefit of the ooRexx programmers I would like to be able to do
the following:

This was defined more than ten years ago!

And yes, I am one of the maintainers and committers of Apache BSF which
BTW originated at IBM, if that helps you realize the knowledge that we
talk about here.

And, you know that, but others who read this list may not: I was one of
those experts (<http://jcp.org/en/jsr/detail?id=223>) on the JCP JSR-223
group that defined the scripting framework for Java for more than three
years. (JSR-223 got introduced into the Java language with version 6.0.)


If the specifications of the language had been specified explicitly in
the open, probably none of the many questions would have been necessary
and a lot of time and resources could have been saved.


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