Success!  I have now been able to build and run Rony's examples from 
last year's Symposium.  Here is what I did to get there.

Having discovered that my Visual Studio Express installation was 
incomplete(!), I decided to "start over" rather than try to "fix" it.  I 
uninstalled Visual Studio from Control Panel -> Programs and Features.  
There were messages about third party installers possibly leaving items 
still installed but I did not see anything obvious.  There were items 
that had the same date as when I had installed Visual Studio but they 
might have just been updates so I did not uninstall them.  In any case, 
they did not affect what I did next.

I went back to Rene's presentation and clicked on the link he supplied 
for Visual Studio Community.  This seems to be the most recent free MS 
Visual Studio product and, although Express is still supported, I 
suspect future support will be concentrated on Community.  And I wanted 
to be sure that the ooRexx project would build correctly (when I get to 
that point) with the newest free Visual Studio.  I selected the custom 
install and picked just one item under Programming Languages - Visual 
C++/Common Tools.  I also selected the Tools (1.4.1) & Windows 10 SDK 
under Windows and Web/Universal Windows Application Development because 
I seem to remember comments on this list in the past to the effect that 
it was needed for something (perhaps debugging?).  So I only had two 
items checked in the custom dialog.  The install process started and as 
packages finished downloading, they were installed in parallel. Even so, 
the download portion took over an hour and then the remaining installs 
and updates took another hour!  Glad I didn't select anything else from 
the menu!

I located the "shortcut" for a command prompt which would run the 
VCVArsAll.bat and it ran successfully so I knew I now had the C++ tools 
I needed.  I then found the full path name to that .bat file and put it 
in a short .cmd file in the folder where I had put the source for Rony's 
examples.  When I ran the that .cmd file and then the NMAKE command he 
documented in his presentation, the DLLs were built and I ran the 4 test 
cases he supplied without error.

The next step for me is to experiment with writing my own native methods 
to be sure I understand all the parts I need - a .cpp file, a .def file 
and a makefile - to get a DLL I can reference from a ::method statement.

So it will be a while before I am ready to get all the other tools to 
attempt to build ooRexx from an SVN checkout.  I'll post again when I'm 
at that point.

Gil Barmwater

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