Dear Developers,

In addition to what I wrote below I realized that the behavior is different depending on if the volume is a system volume (as in the case below) or another volume (separate disk or mounted volume on a NAS on the network). In the first case the behavior is as below, in the second case the behavior is as I expected it to be, i.e. sysFileTree produces the complete path, including the volume, just as on Win.

Can someone please have a look?

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P.O. Jonsson

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Dear Developers,

I wanted to move (a large number of) files between two volumes on the Mac but stumbled on something I did not expect. Here a short example code

  SourceDir = '/volumes/SSD/users/po/data/oorexxsvn'
  --SourceDir = 'C:\Users\PO\Tracing‘  /* Win */

  say 'SourceDir' SourceDir

  res = SysFileTree(SourceDir,"dir","DO")

  DO j=1 TO dir.0
    say 'dir.'j dir.j
  END j

The output on Mac is

SourceDir /volumes/SSD/users/po/data/oorexxsvn
dir.1 /Users/po/Data/oorexxsvn/main

i.e. the SysFileTree is not providing the entire path (the fully-qualified file name) as the documentation states

I tried it on a Win 10 machine and there the response includes the volume (the „drive letter“)

Microsoft Windows [Version 10.0.16299.192]

SourceDir C:\Users\PO\Tracing
dir.1 C:\Users\PO\Tracing\WPPMedia

I have not been able to compare to older versions of ooRexx on Mac (for known reasons), is this behavior intentional? And if so, how do I find out the complete path on Mac?

The version of ooRexx is the same on both systems

POs-12Core-Pro:~ po$ rexx -v
Open Object Rexx Version 5.0.0
Build date: Oct 22 2017
Addressing mode: 64

C:\Users\PO\Downloads>rexx -v
Open Object Rexx Version 5.0.0
Build date: Oct 22 2017
Addressing mode: 64

P.O. Jonsson

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