> would the RC .. be the value from the executed command itself .. (rather
> than from "rxqueue")?
Yes, the rc from the command.
With this implementation rxqueue isn't involved at all, the redirection is
done through Windows/Unix pipes.

With redirection we will have (potentially many, but still rare) additional
FAILURE situations. Currently a FAILURE is probably always due to an
unknown command. We have documented that for FAILURE the descriptive string
is the command that was scheduled to run. In case of redirection-related
failures, should we provide more detailed error information in the
ADDITIONAL object (currently FAILURE does not have an ADDITIONAL object).
If so, what kind of object should we return?  An array of strings, similar
to the SYNTAX ADDITIONAL object? E. g. "input", "error creating pipe"?  Or
is that too much detail?  Just a SYNTAX "resources exhausted"?
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