> What I did for Windows with the separate thread should be easily adapted
> for Linux

I've rewritten the Linux handler with separate threads for INPUT and ERROR
(if requested), while handling OUTPUT in the main thread.
I'm just starting the first tests, and I've got a few questions.

   - How do I wait for SysThreads to terminate? Or check if they're still
   - Can I raise an exception from within the dispatch() method (if I have
   the appropriate exit context available, of course)? I'm asking, because
   your code delays raising the exception until after terminate()
   - An io context just provides those new redirection functions, and not
   on top everything what an exit context provides, right?
   - My (yet completely untested) code issues a message "terminate called
   after throwing an instance of 'NativeActivation*'" - haven't ever seen that
   before (I of course assume this due to my own bugs)
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