> Those are all useful corrections, and you should probably have already 
> contributed those corrections rather than just sitting on the information.

I am not "sitting on it" for fun. Everytime I started to integrate them I got 
stuck on something and asked a question to this list, that in its turn sparked 
activity (like the removal of the rxapi daemeon, or the problems with Jenkins 
or the „right place“ for ooRexx on macOS or or or) that got me side tracked. 
Will hand them over in the coming days and be gone.

> Open Source projects are not meant to be done in a vacuum. We just have not 
> pressing need for test cases for the samples,

Erich actually pointed to the lack of test cases for the samples as a show 
stopper for an official launch at one stage, hence my involvement.

> particularly if it takes time away from other more important work. We will 
> gladly incorporate any you're willing to contribute into the test suite, but 
> there is no really pressing need for them. 

I cannot help with „important work“, sorry.

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