On Tue, 1 Oct 2019, at 22:02, P.O. Jonsson wrote:

> Launching makestring.rex from the home directory (if that what it is 
> called on Win) works


isn't a home directory.  Indeed it's not a usual place for a Windows user
to be at all.  If a user is in that sort of place you'd expect them to be 
looking at their own files eg at 


> But launching it from anywhere else fails:
> C:\>rexx makestring.rex
> Unable to create test file : C:\Users\po\AppData\Local\Temp\C:\tst_input.954

You've got two complete filenames concatenated there.

The "C:\tst_input.954"  part is not valid on the end of the earlier bit, 
because ":"
is only valid as the second character of a filepath, immediately after a disk 

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