Dear Developers,

All test cases for the samples now run on Mac but instead I have a problem on 
Windows :-(

Launching makestring.rex from the home directory (if that what it is called on 
Win) works

C:\Users\po>rexx makestring.rex
going to display the results
clear the screen? (y/n)
<and so on>

But launching it from anywhere else fails:

C:\>rexx makestring.rex
Unable to create test file : C:\Users\po\AppData\Local\Temp\C:\tst_input.954

C:\Program Files\ooRexx\samples>rexx makestring.rex
Unable to create test file : C:\Users\po\AppData\Local\Temp\C:\Program 

Also pointing specifically to the sample from the home directory fails:

C:\Users\po>rexx "C:\Program Files\ooRexx\samples\makestring.rex"
Unable to create test file : 

I think the problem emanates from this line in makestring.rex:

  fileName = SysTempFileName(template)

I have seen this weird kind of prepending on Win 10 before but do not know how 
to do anything about it. Can someone please have a look?

P.O. Jonsson

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