Hi all,

I am trying to make some HTTP calls to opensrf to get some info about
copy status, and had my eyes on the OpenSRF gateway.  However, I found
two different gateways that seem to behave differently, one at
http://my-domain.org/gateway and another at

For a simple call, they seem to work the same:

For something a little more complex, the /gateway? calls return some
JSON with weird /*--*/ doodads that I don't really understand:

My main question: are either of these gateways going away in the
foreseeable future?

Another question: are there other "gateways" I should be looking at?
I'm hoping to make actual OpenSRF calls, rather than an abstraction
like SuperCat or UnAPI, and would greatly prefer using HTTP calls.

Thanks in advance for your help and expertise!


Jane Sandberg
Electronic Resources Librarian
Linn-Benton Community College
sand...@linnbenton.edu / 541-917-4655

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