It's a reasonable question and one we should continue to evaluate over

One reason we did not always like products like gotomeeting, etc. was cost.
While community volunteers could grant access to their organizations
resources, the community itself never decided to spend money on platforms.
Freenode IRC is free to use.

Another reason is cross platform compatibility; some of us used Linux
workstations and these did not always play nicely with those applications.

After this many years on IRC, it's second nature to me, but I also see the
value considering alternative solutions if we can work through all the
logistics and continue to keep barriers of access to a minimum.

-- Ben

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I’d like to ask a general question about this since I am still fairly new
to the community. Why has the Evergreen community opted to use IRC chat as
an on-line meeting venue? The one time I used it I found it disconcerting
in its antiquated look and feel and had difficulty with the etiquette. Why
not use GoToMeeting, Blackboard Collaborate, or a similar product? The chat
interface in these products is much closer to what most of us are used to
and it would add in the possibility of using VOIP and screen sharing. I’ve
been curious about this for a while....


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I second what Stuart said; I'd be interested.  Thanks! -- Barbara

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Yes please I missed the last one


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Last week the IRC practice time went well, and we had a good bunch of folks
trying out IRC. I wanted to check in if there was interest for a second
practice time. I am all for it, but I wanted to verify that there was
community interest. Remember to include your colleagues that are not on
this list that may want to learn.

I tend to pick times after 12 noon EST to allow those on the west coast to
join, but I am willing to schedule something in the (east coast) morning

Thanks in advance,



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