We see enough errors with applying payments that I'm wondering if a different 
interface would work better.  We are on 2.10 and are using the XUL staff 
client.  The problem seems to be with the payment type dropdown.  For some 
reason the wrong options gets selected occasionally, and the payment is 
submitted with the wrong type.  I think the drop down is just hard for some 
staff to see, and the level of accuracy required to select the correct option 
is high.  Also, I suspect that the interface just has too much going on when 
you first look at it, and sometimes staff are at a loss on where to start the 

Also, there is no confirmation step before the payment is applied.  I think a 
summary of the payment about to be applied would be useful for staff to double 
check the options that they have selected.  Another error we see is having the 
wrong items selected to pay the bills on, or more specifically not selecting a 
specific item when that is wanted, and going with the default we have set of 
all bills being selected.  This also might be helped if there was a 
confirmation process.

I've seen the interfaces that some POS(Point of sale) systems use and one style 
that I've seen used is to show all the payment options as a grid of buttons, 
with unique icons for each method.  I think this would be more touch screen 
friendly also, which isn't something that we use now, but with the web staff 
client there is more of a possibility of staff using devices with touch screens 
 to help customers.

So what if instead of the pay bill ui being on the bills page, there is a "Pay 
Bill" button at the bottom of the screen that brings up a separate interface 
for selecting the payment type, annotation, amount, etc, along with showing 
which items were selected and the distribution of payment on those items, and 
then a final confirmation screen?

Example screenshots of other POS interfaces:

I would also like to hear if others don't have a problem with how it currently 
works.  Maybe we just need more training, or just a font size change for the 
drop down.

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