Hi Don,

It could be a few things.  If you look at the Copy Editor, do the items say
OPAC visible?  Also, is the shelving location they are on OPAC visible
(Local Admin--Copy Locations Editor)?  And, finally, is the status OPAC
visible (System Admin--Copy Statuses)?

Any/all of those things could make an item OPAC-invisible.


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On Mon, Aug 7, 2017 at 1:50 PM, Donald Butterworth <
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> Hi All,
> We are finding that some of our titles show in the Staff Client but do not
> show n the OPAC. One example of this: titles that have a copy record Status
> "New Book".
> The only titles we want hidden are deleted titles. Everything else we want
> to display. What value do we need to change to make this happen?
> Thanks!
> Don
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