Having migrated to Evergreen recently, at the beginning of this year, I have 
found myself going to the documentation to try to figure out how something 
works in Evergreen and having to check several different places at times, 
because it was not obvious where I would find what I was looking for.  I think 
this organization of the documentation would be very helpful for me, as well as 
for other staff.  It certainly better reflects how we think about the 
documentation, based on experience with previous systems.

In short, it would definitely be valuable for me, and this arrangement would 
make sense for our library.

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Subject: [OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Reorganized documentation: proof of concept

Dear Evergreeners,

Jillianne Presley and I have put together a proof of concept for a new
direction for Evergreen's documentation, and DIG would really
appreciate your input.

Rather than the current documentation, which tries to be many things
to many people, the reorganized documentation is separated into
separate manuals, each with its own audience (e.g. catalogers,
front-line circ folks, sysadmins).  The hope is that this organization
will help get the right content to the right people, and help DIG keep
tabs on documentation gaps.

You can find the new manuals in the bottom half of this page:

Keep in mind that -- in this proof-of-concept iteration -- there are
some pieces of documentation that are in the wrong manual.  However,
we hope that it is close enough that you'd be able to tell us:

a) if you think that reorganized documentation would be a valuable
thing for this community to have.

b) if the current breakdowns of manuals would make sense for your library.

c) other feedback on this project.

Again, that link is http://docs-testing.evergreen-ils.org/

Thanks very much for your help,


Jane Sandberg
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