This looks like a very helpful reorganization of the documentation.

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> Having migrated to Evergreen recently, at the beginning of this year, I
> have found myself going to the documentation to try to figure out how
> something works in Evergreen and having to check several different places
> at times, because it was not obvious where I would find what I was looking
> for.  I think this organization of the documentation would be very helpful
> for me, as well as for other staff.  It certainly better reflects how we
> think about the documentation, based on experience with previous systems.
> In short, it would definitely be valuable for me, and this arrangement
> would make sense for our library.
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> Subject: [OPEN-ILS-GENERAL] Reorganized documentation: proof of concept
> Dear Evergreeners,
> Jillianne Presley and I have put together a proof of concept for a new
> direction for Evergreen's documentation, and DIG would really
> appreciate your input.
> Rather than the current documentation, which tries to be many things
> to many people, the reorganized documentation is separated into
> separate manuals, each with its own audience (e.g. catalogers,
> front-line circ folks, sysadmins).  The hope is that this organization
> will help get the right content to the right people, and help DIG keep
> tabs on documentation gaps.
> You can find the new manuals in the bottom half of this page:
> Keep in mind that -- in this proof-of-concept iteration -- there are
> some pieces of documentation that are in the wrong manual.  However,
> we hope that it is close enough that you'd be able to tell us:
> a) if you think that reorganized documentation would be a valuable
> thing for this community to have.
> b) if the current breakdowns of manuals would make sense for your library.
> c) other feedback on this project.
> Again, that link is
> Thanks very much for your help,
>    -Jane
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