Hello, does anyone use the Zebra TLP2824 plus printer for your spine/pocket 
labels?  We have two of them and they have this odd behavior of shading the 
bottom 1/3 of the first label that gets printed, like the print head is 
pre-heating and transferring the ribbon when it first starts.

One of them has it very faintly, which we have just lived with, while the other 
has it worse off.  They were manufactured months apart, not from the same batch.

I just had the worse off one sent in for repair, and it was returned, and the 
repair sheet says that parts were replaced, but the same problem is there 
still.  The testing labels that they printed out and included with it also show 
the problem.

I'm just wondering if this is normal for this model... and if we should be 
looking at getting a different model printer?

We are using 5319 wax ribbon and Zebra labels Z-Select 4000T 2.25x1.25.


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