Hello, Those of you that use age hold protection and non FIFO best hold 
selection sort order, what have you done with the status column of holds in 
your catalog.  We just noticed that it is showing the FIFO queue position for 
holds, along with all potential copies.  This gives users bad info since for us 
holds are sometimes filled in FIFO order for some orgs, and are filled based on 
proximity for other locations.  And since one org uses age hold protection, the 
total copy count isn't accurate either since half the copies might be age hold 
protected so they cannot fill the users holds.

Did you just remove that section from templates/opac/parts/hold_status.tt2?  
Did you modify it in some way?  I would like to see examples of what you 
changed it to if you changed it.

Should the potential copies count exclude copies that are age hold protected 
and cannot be captured for that hold?  Right now it pulls from hold copy map, 
but it looks like restricting the copy count based on the age hold protection 
might be possible to add.


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