Thanks!   That gets a bit closer.

   I am TRYING to use that trigger for the notices.   It seems like a good fit, 
but I don’t see that it is working properly.  So there must be something I am 
missing.    The trigger or hook or something is not right.

  And for clarification to everyone – I don’t mean billing for lost or damaged 
items.   I mean for FINES.   Fines that have exceeded a threshold or amount.   
Fines that have been on an account for a certain period of time.   HOW does 
everyone deal with this?     Does everyone just let the amount sit there?     I 
know that there is a way to limit their circulation functions or other things 
when the amount reaches a limit, but wouldn’t it be nice to NOTIFY people when 
that happens before they try to come in to check out books?    It would also be 
very effective to notify patrons on some kind of time line so that they don’t 
let the amount sit and never get paid.   To be more clear – we have a 
transitory population – at an academic institution.   We cannot let our 
students leave campus without taking care of their bills – especially those 
over any limits we set.   It would be GREAT to have the notices go out one last 
time just prior to the end of each semester.   (our previous system had things 
like this and I confess I don’t know why this is so difficult in Evergreen)

  Why can’t notices be triggered by a specific date?   Or a relative date?

Thanks for any information anyone can supply!


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Hi Jennifer,
These are the notices we send out:
We do not send any notices when a patron hits a total bill amount threshold.
There is an an action trigger hook for penalty.PATRON_EXCEEDS_FINES but I have 
not tested it to see if it will work for what you want to do.

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All –

So far I have received no response from anyone regarding billings.    Are you 
telling me that NO LIBRARY out in Evergreen land ever sends out a bill to their 

  Surely this is not true.    And then, if you DO send out a notice, what form 
does it take and how do you do it from Evergreen?     What is the trigger?   
What is the notice language like?   What is the frequency?   WHEN does it 
escalate to a collections agency?     How do you handle that with a 

I have had at least 2 other people contact me to ask how this is done.   Surely 
there is a need for this out there.

Can anyone help?


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