We have a number of libraries that use a collections agency (UMS) as well.
We export reports to them and they handle the notices.

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On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 2:24 PM, Jessica Woolford <jwoolf...@biblio.org>

> Hi Jennifer,
> We don't have any academic libraries as members, we have K-12 schools. For
> them, we set up some reports to run at the end of their semesters and
> helped them create a mail merge based on the report data. This is very
> similar to what Dawn's library is doing, except slightly more automated. I
> have attached the documentation we give these libraries for setting up the
> mail merge. I believe you can also set up the mail merge to email through
> Outlook if you have the Microsoft Office Suite.
> We have not set up any action triggers in the way that you're looking for,
> but I'm sure many our libraries would love to have something like that.
> On a related note, we have one library that uses a collectiton agency.
> They are a public library They send their patrons to collections after they
> reach $25 in fines. Any notifications they send once the patrons reach this
> threshold are handled by the collections agency, I believe.
> I hope that helps!
> Jessica
> On Tue, Mar 13, 2018 at 12:33 PM, Walz, Jennifer <jlw...@asbury.edu>
> wrote:
>> Jason and those he mentions -
>>  Thanks!    I would be grateful for ANY information about how to set this
>> up.   I CAN set up the trigger notice in the system IF I have some solid
>> information about how make it work.    What triggers?  What hooks?  What
>> defaults?  Etc.
>>  Can someone from Bibliomation or IIRC comment?   Send some specifics?
>>  How about any other academic libraries?
>>  Anything that you can supply Jason would be most gratefully received.
>>  Thanks!
>> Jennifer
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>> Jennifer, et al.
>> We generate bills for fines for some of our members. These are usually
>> sent by email using what I believe are the stock triggers for this. The
>> emails are sent when the patron exceeds the fine count.
>> We may generate PDF bills for this for some of our members, but I'd need
>> to check that code to make certain, and I'm a bit busy with other things at
>> the moment.
>> It sounds like you're asking for something that Evergreen may not do out
>> of the box, but I think Bibliomation may have set up once for their
>> academic members. IIRC, they had something that would generate billing
>> notices for students near the end of the semester.
>> If you want more information about the usual fine notices, I can probably
>> look it up later.
>> Cheers,
>> Jason
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